{{vehicle navbox}}

==Top Speed==
uses = Template:Vehicle infobox
include = {Vehicle infobox}:name, {Vehicle infobox}:tune, {Vehicle infobox}:class, {Vehicle infobox}:acceleration, {Vehicle infobox}:top speed, {Vehicle infobox}:handling, {Vehicle infobox}:braking, {Vehicle infobox}:point total, {Vehicle infobox}:tune price, {Vehicle infobox}:total price
secseparators = ¦¦[[,]],¦¦,,¦¦[[,]],¦¦,,¦¦,,¦¦,,¦¦,,¦¦,,¦¦,,¦¦,
format = ¶{¦ class="sortable" style="border: 1px solid #42779E; font-size:89%; width:100%;"¶¦- style="background: #B0D9F3; color: #000000; font-size: 1.0em; height: 2em;"¶! Name !! Tune !! Class !! Acceleration !! Top Speed !! Handling !! Braking !! Point total !! Tune price !! Total price,¶¦-¶,,¶¦}
category = XXX class tunes

Replace XXX with respective letter, e.g. C.

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