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E class vehicles are slightly faster overall from the beginner's F class vehicles both in a straight line and around corner. While that E might as well stand for excrement compared to even stock D class vehicles, E classers are still capable and fun things to run about.


Except for just a few cars, acceleration in E class runs between the mid 40s to the mid 50s.

Top SpeedEdit

Other than the Lexus vehicles, Top Speed is either 20 points or 24 points in stock form. Nothing particularly exhilarating.


Handling doesn't vary largely between cars- only 15 points at stock points running between 60 all the way up to 75.


Braking goes between the low 50s to the high 70s. Some of the fastest cars in this class have the worst braking but even though they're the fastest of the group, they're still slow. Braking is thusly not as critical a stat in this class.


Pretty much 50000 and up will net you a solid car for use in E class races.


Name Tune Class Acceleration Top Speed Handling Braking Point total Tune price Total price
Alfa Brera0E32207570197053800
Audi A6 4.2 quattro0E38246060182071000
Audi S4 Cabriolet0E45247064203055000
Audi S60E562470672170100000
Ford Mustang GT Convertible0E57206952198030000
Ford Mustang GT Coupe0E57206952198025000
Jaguar XK Convertible0E44247058196081000
Jaguar XK Coupe0E45247058197075000
Lexus GS 450h0E5687054188060000
Lexus IS 3500E44156556180042000
Lexus LS 460 L0E5386751179067000
Nissan 350Z Coupe0E45257577221035100
Nissan Skyline GTR R340E56247054204050000
Pontiac GTO0E53246959205040000
Saleen S281 3 Valve Coupe1E592469522041800043000